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Is Your Ticketing and Events Software up to Par?

  What to Look for in School Event Ticketing and Management Software Events are so very important to school communities. From sports to theater, music, dances, festivals and more, school events bring people together, promote healthy activities, develop student skills, and foster school spirit. But it can’t be denied that…

To Pack or Purchase? School-Provided Lunches are Best

  To Pack or Purchase? Nutritionally, School-Provided Meals are Best Author, Matthew Good, M.S., R.D., L.D. Another school year is upon us, and parents are left pondering the age-old question; “Should I pack my child’s lunch or let them purchase one?” When looking at the nutritional content of food, school-provided…

It’s About Funding: Why Getting Your Families to Apply for Free-and-Reduced Meals Matters

  You don’t need us to tell you that back-to-school is a busy time. District staff, volunteers, and families alike all have too much to do and too little time to do it. But one essential task that really deserves the extra time and effort—especially this year—is getting parents and…

5 Steps to Take NOW for a Successful 2022-2023 School-Year Launch

  1. Update letters and disclosures.   Get started on free-and-reduced meal applications by updating your letter to parents. Go to PaySchools Admin and click on QuikApps. Family disclosures can also be added or copied from the previous school year in Admin. Go to Location Configuration > Edit disclosure categories   …

School Cafeteria Meal Ordering and Payment Safety 2020

Pandemic tips and tactics to minimize risk and keep your community safe.

Foodservice Company Relies on PaySchools for Enterprise-Level Needs

For more than a decade, Joe Satorhelyi has run the IT department of School Day Cafe, a California foodservice nonprofit serving four school districts and feeding thousands of students seven days a week.

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